This was the project for my fifth CodeDay.

What I won here was so surprising and weird, I can’t really justify it. But what happened is that I won two prizes : Top Overall and Most Technically Challenging. I kind of feel bad for getting two prizes because I took away from someone else, but hey, I guess my project was that good.

I definitely wanted to continue on my previous CodeDay’s project for this CodeDay. While setting up the whole engine, I was brain-storming with my computer science teacher, Mr. Shorr, and he said the thing I was drawing in Photoshop looked like a llama. I agreed, and finished the llama and we started throwing ideas back and forth and eventually came up with an idea where you play as a llama who can traverse dimensions to get around obstacles, in 3D there could be a door that you can not see in 2D, or a box that is behind you in 3D, but in 2D it is on the same plane.

Most people reading this will probably be saying, “That sounds a lot like Fez” and I had totally forgotten about Fez while making this; even while brainstorming I said that the hat should let you traverse the dimensions (whoops). So now I know how Phil Fish came up with the idea for Fez.

But here is a cool gif of how the 2D -> 3D and 3D -> 2D works.


And for any programmers, it was actually really simple to make. I just interpolate each individual value of the orthographic projection matrix to the corresponding perspective projection matrix and vice versa.

Link coming soon….