This was the project for my third CodeDay. I received the prize for Most Creative for this project.

It’s a space horror game. You start in a room in a space station, you hear an announcement saying that the hull of the your station has been breached. You walk into a catwalk and see a creature climbing on the side of your station. You turn around to go back to your room; the power goes off and your character starts breathing loudly and your heart is thumping, you go the window and turn on your flashlight and see the creature climbing on your window. You turn around and suddenly the glass is smashed and your pulled out into space where the creature is there… staring at you.

The hardest part of this project was the 3d modeling. My group and I worked together, to create and texture the creepiest and most detailed model I’ve ever made. After that, I proceeded to animate it, and finally script it so that it could walk on any surface. Another thing that I had never done before was a story-based thing where there are triggers, when you walk from one place to another, something moves or happens. This was hard for me since I was so used to procedural programming where basically nothing was hard-coded.

Link coming soon….